Paul Pogba’s France team talk vs Uruguay revealed

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Paul Pogba’s team talk when France and Uruguay met in the World Cup has been revealed with some calling for him to be captained in reaction to it.

The midfielder was instrumental in his nation’s run to winning international football’s most prestigious trophy so there’s no surprise he was vocal either.

Pogba performed at a consistently high level throughout the tournament, hardly playing a single match poorly and was rewarded by becoming a world champion.

United fans are excited to see the Frenchman bring the same qualities he put on show to the whole world at Old Trafford in their quest to win their first Premier League title since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Supporters who saw the video and the translation of it believe it’s enough evidence to hand Paul the armband on club level though perhaps his country’s followers will want the same too.

The Red Devils are on the lookout for a new captain with Michael Carrick‘s retirement though Antonio Valencia was the official vice-captain last season.

Jose Mourinho did previously admit Pogba could be the captain of the club in the future and perhaps after watching the former Juventus man during the World Cup he may be convinced.

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