Craig Bellamy: Manchester United can’t afford Gareth Bale’s wages

by Marwan Harraz

Craig Bellamy has revealed just why Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale won’t move to Manchester United as they can’t afford to pay the wages he currently earns.

There’s no hiding the Spanish giant’s financial power though some would argue the men at Old Trafford are in fact able to rival it.

However, there are also claims that United’s owners have put the club in severe debt and the occasional splash in the transfer market is done so just for appearances.

Either way, Bale’s wages are certainly up there with the world’s most expensive and it would be difficult for any club to pay him with ease.

Bellamy believes there’s only one way Bale can move anywhere, let alone to the Red Devils, and that is to take a huge pay cut to make it all happen.

According to Manchester Evening News, Craig said to StarSport: “Where could he go? Man United can’t pay his wages, nobody can. There’s only one club that can pay his wages.

“That’s the world he’s in at this moment. The wages he is he’ll have to take a massive wage cut to go elsewhere.”

Players taking pay cuts in order to make a move elsewhere consistently happens in football and isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic claimed he took one to move to Manchester United from PSG and also took one when they extended his contract following his status diminishing.

However, these things only happen if the player truly wants a move to happen and the understanding is that Gareth is happy where he currently is.

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