Photo: Antonio Valencia congratulates Paul Pogba on winning the World Cup

by Leo Nieboer

Antonio Valencia has congratulated Paul Pogba on winning the World Cup with France earlier this month.

The 25-year-old silenced his critics in the most emphatic way possible by scoring the winner and dazzling in France’s 4-2 win over Croatia in the final.

He has since embarked on well deserved holiday to Los Angeles, where Manchester United are based for their pre-season preparations.

And Valencia, who picked up an injury against San Jose Earthquakes, has caught up with the Frenchman and passed on his congratulations.

I would, in an ideal world, like to see Pogba constantly holding the World Cup. Like, always. It seems as if FIFA has given every France player a replica of the trophy and nobody looks better holding it than Pogba.

I want him to walk out for his first game of the season holding it, raising the big gold thing right up to the Sky Sports commentary box until Graeme Souness’s skull explodes out of his head. I want him to only put it down when he next lifts a trophy, and then pick it up straight away again.

You almost feel bad for Pogba, a World Cup winner and now a national icon, having to come back to the pit of negativity that is Jose Mourinho’s United next month.

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