Harry Maguire: Everyone wants to play at the top

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United target and Leicester City star Harry Maguire has hinted at a potential move away from his club by stating his desire to play ‘at the top’.

The defender has been on Jose Mourinho’s wanted list all summer according to reports though rumours have grown in strength after the World Cup in particular.

Maguire had enjoyed an excellent tournament for his nation and subsequently had plenty of interested suitors with United said to be one of them.

The Englishman could very well be gunning for a new contract with Leicester instead but if there’s a chance he genuinely wants a move and Mourinho is interested, things could definitely happen.

At the moment though there hasn’t been any official approach and the Red Devils couldn’t be tempted to look at cheaper options after some reports claimed he’d cost at least £50m.

According to Manchester Evening News, Harry said to the Sun: “Every player wants to play at the highest level. I’ve just come back from playing at a World Cup, where I really enjoyed the high pressure of the games.

“It was something that I really thrived off. Leicester have been unbelievable to me and I’m really happy there but I’m also an ambitious player and everyone wants to play at the top.”

Interest in Maguire is a little bizarre considering it doesn’t fit in line with other reports that claimed Jose was on the lookout for an experienced, proven centre-back.

Those characteristics don’t necessarily fit the Leicester City man in comparison to Manchester United’s reported other targets such as AC Milan’s Leonardo Bonucci.

Leadership in defence is definitely something that’s been lacking from Mourinho’s backline since he’s arrived and there are doubts Harry has what it takes.

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