Manchester United fans have mixed feelings after loss to Liverpool

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans couldn’t seemingly come to an agreement on how they felt following their loss to Liverpool in their pre-season friendly.

Jose Mourinho’s men were battered 4-1 by their fierce rivals as their tour of the United States of America rumbles on rather disappointingly.

United have only won once so far, having to do so through penalties against AC Milan and have been unconvincing this summer.

However, some. supporters believe pre-season results mean nothing at all regardless how good or bad it looks and so aren’t reading into things too much.

Others believe it’s a sign of what’s to come and have called on Ed Woodward to sign the players they desperately need to mount a title challenge.

The Red Devils certainly were without a host of first team stars but there’s no doubt they should’ve put up more a fight than they did.

To make matters worse it was only after Liverpool brought on some of their youngsters and back-up players that the result turned in their favour.

Mourinho attempted to give some kids in the squad some minutes as well but it was far too late to have an effect on the result.

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