Toby Alderweireld confirms he’ll return to Tottenham Hotspur for pre-season

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United target Toby Alderweireld has confirmed he will return to train with Tottenham Hotspur as he returns from holiday after the World Cup.

The Belgian was the first defender approached by Man United over the transfer window, with the club initially balking at Spurs’ valuation of the defender.

But negotiations have reopened as the transfer deadline approaches: Spurs are asking for around £60m while United are insistent on paying around £50m, according to reports, prompting hopes of a compromise being reached.

He has confirmed following his holiday, however, that he will return to Mauricio Pochettino’s camp for the time being.

“I will return to London this weekend for the start of pre-season with my club,” he told HLN Sport.

This development by no means rules out the prospect of Alderweireld joining United. With just a week of the transfer window left and the 29-year-old now back from holiday, some clarity over his future will be achieved one way or another in the coming days.

Spurs have a very clear set of options: the first being to let Alderweireld, who didn’t even play for much of last season, leave for around £55m this summer; the second is selling him for just £25m next summer, as per a clause in his contract. It should be a simple choice.

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