Chris Sutton: Manchester United need Paul Pogba more than Paul Pogba needs Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Chris Sutton believes Jose Mourinho’s criticism of Paul Pogba is ultimately self-defeating, noting how the club needs him more than he needs Manchester United.

The Frenchman was reportedly upset with his manager’s comments on his performances at the World Cup, and has attracted interest from Barcelona this month.

He was handed the armband by Mourinho for Man United’s 2-1 win over Leicester City last weekend but tension between the pair clearly continues to exist.

Speaking on BBC Five Live, Sutton made note of how Mourinho is fighting a losing battle by hitting out at the club’s prized asset.

“What was the point of Jose’s criticism of Paul Pogba after the World Cup saying he needs to do it in a United shirt?” he said.

“What was the point? Every action has a consequence and that’s clearly upset Paul Pogba.

“Manchester United need Paul Pogba more than Paul Pogba needs Manchester United right now and that’s the bottom line.

“He was their best player on Friday night and why should he hang around for Jose really when all he does is sly little digs at him?”

Mourinho has, in fact, quietly noticed this fact, describing the 25-year-old as a “monster” after the club’s opening game of the season – a term he has previously used to describe two favourites in Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic.

In a war between himself and Pogba, only one will come out victorious: in the changing room, among supporters, amid members of the board, with Ed Woodward, everywhere. The latter is the heartbeat of the team, its best player, a homegrown gem who won the World Cup and lives the life of an international celebrity.

If Mourinho wants this team to tick – and indeed keep his job – then he ought to give the right platform to a player who, quite frankly, could join any club in the world. Lambasting him will only lead to degradation on and off the pitch.

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