Video: Dimitar Berbatov sends Manchester United players message of motivation following Brighton defeat

by Leo Nieboer

Former striker Dimitar Berbatov has sent Manchester United players a message of motivation following their defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion on Sunday.

Jose Mourinho’s men capitulated in the first half, falling two goals behind in as many minutes, and went in at half time 3-1 down having lost the plot defensively.

Their second half response was meagre to say the very least, with Paul Pogba’s 93rd minute penalty the only shot Man United had in the box for the entire half.

Berbatov, in an attempt to rouse supporters from their lowly spirits, has given a message of support.

If anything, seeing the face of Berbatov amid off of this only makes things worse. The Bulgarian was one of the finest custodians of that swaggering, assured character which underpinned United’s football for so long. Berbatov was a player always in control, un-teachably good at what he did, capable of handling the pressure as if it were a newborn child.

That feels like a very long time ago. This year marks a decade since Berbatov joined. And days like yesterday, where there was no sense of control anywhere, tend to make you realise how special that era was, and how painfully far away it now feels.

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