Alan Shearer: Jose Mourinho not the only one to blame for mess

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Alan Shearer has revealed who’s to blame for the mess at Manchester United, believing Jose Mourinho isn’t the only one at fault.

The Portuguese manager has come in for a tonne of criticism of late, particularly after the club’s shock loss to Brighton last Sunday.

Some believe Mourinho is no longer a capable manager while others point the finger at him for the poor football on display.

Nonetheless it doesn’t seem the former Chelsea man could catch a break from anyone before Shearer defended him to a point.

Jose’s been made the favourite to loss his job first ahead of all the Premier League managers just two matches into the season.

According to the Daily Star, Alan said to Coral: “I think it’s very unfair that Jose seems to be getting most of the flack. I think more people need to take responsibility.

“I think it’s very embarrassing for that particular football club when you consider years ago everything used to be kept in house at Manchester United, the press found out about nothing.

“Now everything’s splashed all over the back pages. They’ve been beaten off Brighton, it’s only two games into the new season but it seems as if there’s huge problems there.

“Someone needs to take control of the football club. Mourinho is what he is. They gave him a new contract six months ago.

“They knew he had problems at Chelsea, they knew he had problems at Real Madrid. They know his style of football and six months ago they gave him a new contract.

“So two games in, to talk about him losing his job is ridiculously early. Yes there are issues. I think other people need to take responsibility.

“The chief executive needs to take control of the football club. Pogba needs to tell his agent to shut up and he needs to start performing.

“Sanchez needs to start performing because he hasn’t kicked a ball for Manchester United yet.

“So to look at Mourinho and see him take all the flack I think is very unfair. Others need to take responsibility.”

Mourinho should definitely take some responsibility for what’s been going on with the club but there’s no way he’s the only one to blame.

Players such as Eric Bailly and Paul Pogba admitted there was an attitude problem during the Brighton match which suggests it could potentially happen again.

United’s inconsistencies last season were against smaller sides not the traditional top six and it’s all down to a mentality problem.

The board’s apparent refusal to fully trust or back Jose is also something he can’t be blamed for, particularly after leading the club to two trophies and a runners up spot as well.

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