Paul Ince: Paul Pogba situation wouldn’t have happened in my time

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United man Paul Ince has explained just why the Paul Pogba situation wouldn’t have happened in his time.

The Frenchman’s agent stirred up a storm by attacking Paul Scholes and calling for his client to be sold.

Pogba had also previously made comments that weren’t pleasing to most United fans by stating if he said how he really feels then he would be fined.

This is at a time Jose Mourinho publicly stated he couldn’t be happier with the midfielder yet the controversy continues.

Ince though thinks the Red Devils’ are in a mess at the moment and there’s not just one person to blamed for it all.

According to Manchester Evening News, Paul said: “I think the whole club is to blame, it’s not just about Mourinho. Woodward upstairs, the Glazers, there’s a lot of stuff going on that we’re not privy to.

“The Pogba situation is a joke. It reared it’s head last season and then you’ve got his agent coming out saying things about Scholes, when it’s got nothing to do with him.

“This needs to be nipped in the bud. Pogba should have come out and said he’s happy and he’s not said a word.

“If that had been my time with the leaders who were in the dressing room Pogba wouldn’t have been acting the way he has been.”

There’s no telling what would’ve happened in Ince’s time had Pogba been in the same situation then but one thing is for certain which is Manchester United were better run back then.

Power play such as the one going on at the moment hasn’t happened at Old Trafford for quite some time.

Mourinho is trying to maintain his dressing room while fighting with the board to get what he wants.

If reports are to be believed, certain players are trying to cause uproar within the club.

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