Paul Merson: I thought Paul Pogba was disrespectful

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Paul Merson has blasted Manchester United star Paul Pogba for his post-match comments about attitude, believing he was being disrespectful.

The Frenchman had admitted after the shock loss against Brighton the players’ attitude was not right for the game and put himself in that group.

Some fans believed it was admirable Pogba could publicly criticise himself, particularly after he was named captain for the clash.

Others believed it was ridiculous for him to throw himself under the bus and should’ve had higher standards because he was the leader on the day.

Nonetheless, Merson accused Paul for being disrespectful because he came out and said it in front of the cameras instead of keeping it to himself.

According to the Daily Star, Paul said: “I played for George Graham. In my wildest dreams, I could not get up in front of the camera and go ‘you know what, attitude wasn’t right today’.

“I thought it was disrespectful, I really did. You don’t say that. Your manager might turn round to you and go ‘your attitude wasn’t right today’ and you’ll go ‘I’m not having that’ or whatever.

“You don’t just come out and say that.”

While one can understand the point Merson is trying to make, the actual footage of Pogba saying what he did reveals he didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way.

The tone in which something is said is important when delivering the message and the midfielder was simply attempting to claim responsibility for the shock loss.

Either way his comments have been blown out of proportion and are now being used as yet another piece of ‘evidence’ of him not having a good relationship with Jose Mourinho.

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