Jose Mourinho hints Anthony Martial is close to agreeing new contract at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has strongly hinted that Anthony Martial is close to agreeing a new contract at Manchester United.

The Frenchman, whose relationship with the manager is strained, looked set to leave Old Trafford earlier this summer.

But various reports – including the BBC – have claimed that Martial, in the belief that Mourinho will not last long as manager, was in talks with the club over a five-year deal.

And Mourinho, speaking at a press conference, noted that nothing as yet was official but essentially confirmed that a deal would go through.

“With Martial you have to wait for that to be official because in this moment is not official,” he said.

Supporters never thought this would happen. Over the summer it felt as if Martial, not Mourinho, would be the one closer to moving on. But after a tumultuous summer and start to the season that notion has been flipped on his head.

Although it is not as if this deal has been done behind the manager’s back. Mourinho has clearly sanctioned the move as manager. That said, you strongly sense that Martial has only agreed to sign on the dotted line because he feels the current manager’s days are numbered.

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