Jose Mourinho jokingly insists it’d cost too much for Manchester United to sack him

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho has claimed, jokingly, that he cannot be sacked by Manchester United because they’d have to pay him too much money.

Mourinho laughed off rumours circling that the Portuguese could be facing the chop at Old Trafford after two losses in the opening three games.

That was much easier to do after his side comfortably beat Burnley 2-0 away from home at Turf Moor, with a double from Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku.

All talk of Mourinho leaving or being sacked has been put on hold after Man United climbed back into the top half of the Premier League with that victory on Sunday.

“They say I’m in danger, but I don’t think so,” Mourinho told Italian media.

“If they sent me away, do you have any idea how much money they would have to give me?!”

It’s important to note that the United manager was joking. Some could take issue with his comments, particularly given that there are clear issues with United currently, no matter how easily they dispatched of Sean Dyche’s Burnley.

Some would argue that Mourinho should not be making such comments at this time, given that United have had one of the worst starts in the last three decades.

However, others will obviously find it funny, and it’s typically Mourinho in the arrogance and cheekiness of it. United fans haven’t seen enough of the cheeky Mourinho that made English football fall in love with him back in 2004 when he arrived from FC Porto.

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