Nemanja Vidic: Playing for Manchester United is a privilege

by Marwan Harraz

Some Manchester United fans appear to believe the club may have sent a cryptic message to Paul Pogba on Twitter with their latest message.

Club legend Nemanja Vidic’s quote was used at a rather peculiar time and supporters have reacted to it as expected.

Vidic was discussing how much of an honour it was to feature for United with Pogba’s quotes surfacing around the same time as well.

The Frenchman has continued to frustrate fans with his inability to commit to the club and his repeated efforts to fan the flames of a potential exit.

Paul had last mentioned how he’s contracted to the Red Devils but ‘who knows’ what will happen over the next few months.

Fans believe the midfielder should feel privileged to feature for Manchester United and are unhappy with how he’s disrespecting the club.

The use of Vidic’s quote may have truly been an innocent coincidence but it’s still rubbed supporters the wrong way in the sense that it was a reminder of how Pogba has been treating the club of late.

Fans understand the former Juventus man may have issues with the club and may even want to leave or perhaps is doing all of this for a new contract but they simply want it all done in a respectful way.

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