Gabriele Marcotti: Paul Pogba knows he has the upper-hand on Jose Mourinho

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Gabriele Marcotti believes Paul Pogba knows he has the upper-hand on Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.

The Frenchman is the centre of attention at the moment for various reasons such as his relationship with his manager and his future at the club.

Barcelona are said to be interested in signing Pogba despite the likelihood it would take an eye-watering amount of money to bring him in.

The midfielder is also reportedly unhappy with how he’s been treated by Mourinho which is a factor in his desire to depart.

Marcotti claims Paul’s quotes have been taken out of context but admits he must know he’s also got the club’s backing more so than the Portuguese boss.

According to the Express, Gabriele said: “Pogba knows perfectly well that if it comes down to him or Mourinho, the club are going to choose Pogba, okay.

“He also knows perfectly well there is no massive queue of clubs lining up right now to go and sign him. He also knows perfectly well that the transfer window is closed.

“He’s talking about Manchester United’s performance, he’s not talking about whether he’s going to leave in two months, which he can’t do anyway because the transfer window is closed.

“He’s talking about the club and the media take the whole quote and make out he’s talking about himself.”

Manchester United fans themselves have admitted if it came down to keeping Pogba or Mourinho they’d certainly pick the former.

However, that was the majority of the feeling before the former Juventus man made some not so pleasing comments.

Supporters are unhappy with how Paul has treated their club and are slowly losing their patience with him.

Perhaps by the end of the season Jose would be favoured more than the talented United academy product if things keep up.

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