Sergio Ramos: David de Gea kept Spain in the match

by Marwan Harraz

Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos has praised Manchester United’s David de Gea, claiming he kept Spain in the clash against England.

The two nations locked heads on Saturday but it was the former that ran away with all three points in the UEFA Nations League.

De Gea has been under the spotlight following Spain’s disappointing exit from the World Cup this summer with some even believing he’s the blame for it.

Some of the fans have called for him to be dropped yet he kept his place under new manager Luis Enrique and Ramos is pleased that’s the case.

David’s side won 2-1 with the Three Lions having a host of chances, particularly later in the game but failed to convert due to him.

There was a time the Red Devils’ fanbase would’ve been concerned with such comments from Sergio due to the links to Real Madrid.

However, De Gea’s ties to the club have been pretty much severed since they signed Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.

Now there’s certainly no room for the Manchester United star to complete the transfer and there’s even talk of him being handed a new contract.

The negotiations have been ongoing for a while which is a little worrying but it’s expected it’ll be over soon.

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