Video: Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores incredible 500th career goal for LA Galaxy

by Leo Nieboer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his 500th club career goal for LA Galaxy in the most Zlatan way imaginable.

The 36-year-old joined Manchester United in 2016 and achieved cult status among supporters by scoring 27 goals in his first season.

He joined LA Galaxy earlier this year, scoring a memorable brace on debut, and has racked up an impressive total of 17 goals in 22 games.

That volley on his debut was immense, but this one was arguably more unique – something only Zlatan could score: an actual karate kick in midair to stroke the ball over the keeper.

This is kind of what you expected Zlatan had in mind when, weighed down by the trauma of serious knee surgery at United, he decided to move on from the harsh vicissitudes of Premier League football and move to the luscious plains of California and the MLS, a perfect playground for him to plunder all sorts of goals and flog boxer shorts.

Zlatan’s knee injury and the resultant long period on the sidelines – and the fact that he is 36 – may have tainted his ability to perform at the highest level, but his core goalscoring brilliance has gone nowhere. And you suspect he is by no means finished just yet.

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