Paul Pogba impresses against Wolves despite poor result for Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Although Manchester United dropped points on Saturday afternoon to an impressive Wolverhampton Wanders side, Paul Pogba’s stats show that the midfielder had an excellent game.

Pogba provides a wonderful assist to Brazilian summer signing Fred that saw Man United take a first half lead. A deft touch down from a clearance, Pogba set Fred up perfectly to shoot from the edge of the area, bewildering the Wolves defenders who had expected him to do anything but that.

The Frenchman was guilty of losing possession on a couple of occasions, including in the build-up to Joao Moutinho’s equaliser in the 53rd minute.

But his contribution for the team outweighed anything he did wrong. United had opportunities, many of them, to deny Moutinho’s goal after Pogba had given away the ball.

Pogba has had a number of good performances in the last month. Having had a pre-season clouded by rumours of an 3xit for FC Barcelona, the now-World Cup winner is now looking good and dominant in midfield.

The key for Pogba is to continue consistently. That’s what’s been missing most from his United career thus far; consistency.

With four goals and two assists this season in seven games, though, we’re now seeing the Pogba that e want to see as United fans.

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