Vinnie Jones: Paul Pogba needs to stop moaning about Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has been told to stop moaning and to get on with things by former Chelsea man Vinnie Jones.

The Frenchman had made some not so pleasant comments and not for the first time this season either.

Pogba has continued to insist his statements have been misunderstood or twisted by the media but fans are running out of patience.

Jones was clearly sick of the midfielder’s latest words and advised him to let his footballing ability do the talking instead.

Paul had said following the draw with Wolves that he believes the team should attack more, seemingly criticising either his teammates or Jose Mourinho’s tactics.

According to talkSPORT, Vinnie said: “That [Pogba’s comments] would drive Mourinho mad as a manager.

“Just get on with it and play football! For players to keep coming out and staying stuff – do it on the pitch!

“Even the other players must get sick of it when the same players are in there moaning, you’d do something about it.

“He’s supposed to be one of the best players in the world – stop moaning and get on with it!”

Pogba truly could’ve innocently meant that the team needs to attack better but he should’ve known better than to say it the way he did.

The former Juventus man knows his comments have been taken out of context before so he would’ve been better of staying quiet to avoid trouble.

It wasn’t exactly the optimum time to state his opinion either, given he’s still under-fire for his previous statements.

Mourinho, at least publicly, hasn’t seemed upset with Paul so the fires have been tamed to a degree.

However, there must be a long term solution so these things don’t continue to happen and the team can focus on winning matches.

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