From France: Jose Mourinho purposefully staged training ground dispute with Paul Pogba

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho purposefully staged Wednesday’s training ground bust-up with Paul Pogba for the cameras.

The 55-year-old, in a piece of footage which has rocked the football world, asks Pogba if he is happy Manchester United lost to Derby County when he approaches the coaching staff, prompting a stare of indignation from the French midfielder before a tense, icy exchange ensues during which Mourinho seeks to clarify whether a video he posted of him and some teammates laughing was shot before or after the defeat.

Speaking to RMC, French journalist Julien Laurens noted that Mourinho was fully aware of how the situation would look.

“Sky picked this footage up, they have the right to film 3 or 4 training sessions a season per club I think,” he said.

“This morning he (José Mourinho) knew that the cameras were at training from the Premier League and Sky. Mourinho knew that the cameras were coming this morning, he knew very well that Pogba was going to come and shake the hands of Michael Carrick, the other assistant, and then he would arrive in front of Mourinho. Mourinho knew all of this, that the cameras would be on him, and he chose that moment to say something to Pogba that quite clearly didn’t please him.”

This is not just plausible but indeed very likely. Mourinho takes all factors of a situation into account. He would have known the cameras were there. This was an exchange which could have happened behind closed doors, man to man, but instead Mourinho decided to create a media frenzy instead.

But why? Perhaps it was to distract everyone from the fact his team was outplayed by a Championship side the night before. He has certainly done that. Perhaps it was to fuel hatred towards Pogba from the club’s fanbase. Again, he has succeeded at that.

What he has really done, more than anything, is add to the notion that this club is in a state of miserable chaos. Thanks for that, Jose.

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