Alan Shearer: Jose Mourinho will lose his Manchester United job

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is set to lose his job according to Alan Shearer who’s convinced there’s no turning it around.

In the Portuguese’s third season at the club his side are falling apart fast with the Premier League campaign only just begun.

United are already far behind in terms of challenging for the title and unfortunately qualifying for Champions League football would be considered a good end to the season.

Shearer though believes that Mourinho won’t even be given the opportunity to try to achieve the bare minimum.

It certainly seems as though that prediction is likely to happen, particularly since the Red Devils lost 3-1 against West Ham on Saturday afternoon.

It’s spot on from Alan in terms of their performance against the Hammers and something has to change if Jose has any hopes of hanging on to his job.

Even the most dedicated of his supporters have started to lose faith in him and it would show true world class managerial ability if he managed to turn such a hopeless situation around.

The question now is who do Manchester United turn to if they move Mourinho on as there aren’t too many proven options to pick from.

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