Antonio Valencia denies having any problems with Jose Mourinho

by Leo Nieboer

Antonio Valencia clarified last night that he never had any problems with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

The Ecuadorian has since come under fire for liking an Instagram post after the 0-0 draw with Valencia which called for Mourinho to be sacked.

He has since withdrawn his like and apologised, insisting the post did not represent his views and that liking it was an accident.

Speaking to reporters in the mixed zone after the stalemate on Tuesday night, Valencia had to emphasise that he “never had any problems with anyone”.

“I have never had any problems with anyone, thank God,” he said. “The decision is for the coach to make and now we need to see the positives.”

Valencia is a quiet, pious and hardworking individual, and is not someone who would be inclined to pick fights with anyone let alone his boss, which is probably why he was given the armband over the summer.

But he will know, having lived through David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, that the writing is on the wall for Mourinho. Situations like these – awful results, chaos both on and off the pitch, and a general sense of fatalism – really do only end in one way.

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