Deon Dublin: Jose Mourinho has sucked the life out of Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Deon Dublin has slammed Jose Mourinho for sucking the life out of Manchester United players following his former side’s lacklustre 0-0 draw with Valencia in the Champions League.

Man United, looking to bounce back from a pitiful defeat to West Ham United, brought energy to the occasion but looked painfully short of confidence or an overall plan.

Their passing and movement, especially in the first half, was painfully slow for most of the game, with nobody looking like they had the composure to bury a chance.

Speaking after the game, Dublin was shocked at how this team looked nothing like the United people expect to see.

“I’ve never seen so many Man Utd players, who I’d normally hang my hat on, give the ball away so much,” he said.

“Paul Pogba has been a little lacklustre, Nemanja Matic the same, Maroaune Fellaini has been a bit messy and scruffy. It just doesn’t feel like I’m watching Man Utd.”

This was, unfortunately, exactly what we should expect from Manchester United (post 2013 edition, that is).

The humdrum feeling among the crowd and the notable fear within the team was painfully palpable as United, bedraggled and going nowhere, shuffled around the pitch uncomfortably against a Valencia team any top European side would have wiped the floor with. Nobody in that stadium could genuinely envisage a United victory.

You could go back to December 2015, back under Louis van Gaal, and see the exact same thing. You could go back another two years, with David Moyes in charge, and a pattern will very clearly appear in front of you: the fatalism, the sense of foreboding, the End Of Days mood engulfing the ground.

Yes, unfortunately, this is exactly what you should expect from United in this day and age.

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