Paul Pogba tells reporters he’s banned from speaking to them by Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Paul Pogba has told reporters that he is banned from speaking his mind by Manchester United.

The French midfielder was stopped in the mixed zone at Old Trafford, where journalists and players can mingle, on Tuesday night after Man United’s dull 0-0 draw to struggling La Liga side Valencia in the UEFA Champions League.

Yet he told those who asked questions that he was forbidden from speaking to them by the club.

“I’ve been told I’m not allowed,” Pogba said.

It is yet another story to add to the evergreen saga of Pogba, manager Jose Mourinho and United.

The 25-year-old was stripped of the vice-captaincy recently by Mourinho after comments he made regarding the team’s style of play at home, seemingly questioning the approach of his own manager.

Pogba also made remarks in the summer that hinted at a possible move to FC Barcelona in future, while players of the Spanish club spoke of Pogba in glowing terms.

When asked for an interview earlier this week, Pogba responded “you want me dead?”

It is now clear that the club have gagged Pogba in hope of stopping further stories. However, because Pogba chose to tell reporters this, it has only enhanced growing tensions between the player, manager and club.

It is a saga that will not end any time soon and will likely see one of Pogba and Mourinho leave the club.

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