Video: Jose Mourinho refuses to answer whether he is doing everything to turn things around at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho accepted that Manchester United’s current situation was not good enough but gave a cold stare when asked whether he was doing everything to turn things around during today’s press conference.

The 55-year-old is under enormous scrutiny having not recorded a win in his last four games and failed to win at Old Trafford since the opening day of the season.

Some pundits such as Rio Ferdinand have even accused the manager of deliberately trying to get the sack with his public outbursts.

And Mourinho, when asked if he was giving everything to the cause, produced a look which could have caused a minor hurricane across Carrington.

Mourinho is clearly incensed that the question has even been asked. I’m sure if you put it to him that he was deliberately tanking one of the most high profile jobs in order to get that payout of £12m, he would be tempted to smack you.

But the question needs to be asked. Mourinho has been picking fights with everyone since the summer: the board, his players, referees, fixture schedulers, journalists, the media at large. In the process he is creating chaos and discord around the club. To suggest this is intentional, however, is something very different entirely.

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