Louis Saha explains why Pogba was wrong to speak out against Jose Mourinho recently

by Harry Robinson

Former-Manchester United striker Louis Saha has criticised his France compatriot Paul Pogba for recent inflammatory comments that the 25-year-old made.

After the Reds were held to a 1-1 draw by promoted side Wolverhampton Wanderers, at the start of a dismal run for Pogba’s Man United, the midfielder claimed that Jose Mourinho should set out his side to “attack, attack, attack” in games at Old Trafford.

That seemingly led to him being removed as vice-captain of the club and had United not been in such turmoil results-wise, it’s likely the furore around the feud between Mourinho and Pogba would have continued.

Saha believes that Pogba shouldn’t have said anything after the Wolves game and believes that the World Cup winner opened his mouth purely to put pressure on his own manager, Mourinho.

“I think he [Pogba] has done it on purpose, and I don’t think that is right,” Saha explained.

“It’s the wrong communication, it puts pressure on the manager. With those [kind of] talks you should do it in the dressing room with your manager.

“You know that people will question about it, so don’t do it. This is my opinion and I would have said that to him, I would say ‘no, that’s not something to say because you are not the manager.'”

It’s a different era of football. Even though Pogba and Saha’s careers are only separated by a decade or so, the power of the player and the confidence of the player going against their manager has grown greatly.

Players now control most clubs and while Pogba wouldn’t have dreamed of speaking out in Sir Alex Ferguson’s dressing room, or even Mourinho’s dressing room in his first spell at Chelsea, things have changed now.

What he said was unnecessary and simply added fuel to an already brightly burning fire.

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