Paul Pogba to pay for diamond encrusted rings for France World Cup winning squad – report

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba will pay for 23 NBA-style diamond encrusted rings for each member of France’s World Cup winning squad, according to reports.

The Frenchman played a leading role both on and off the pitch in France’s historic triumph in Russia, scoring a winning goal in the final against Croatia.

French FA president Noel Le Graet said on Tuesday that he would pay £10,000 to have the rings transported from Los Angeles to Paris.

According to ESPN‘s Julien Laurens, Pogba and Griezmann are both big fans of the NBA and proposed the idea of following its tradition of supplying diamond encrusted rings to every winner of a major title.

The rings each have 11 carat diamonds with blue sapphires and red rubies, making them worth more than what most people earn in a year.

An exact price is not yet known but, if the American sporting tradition is anything to go by, these rings could cost anywhere between $25,000 to $70,000 apiece. Assuming each ring costs, say, $50,000, Pogba would have to shell out around $1.15m – the equivalent of about a month’s salary for him.

Which makes you think: if Pogba, one day, wants to marry and decides to follow the tradition of spending three months’ salary on the engagement ring, that lucky lady will be wearing nearly £3.5m worth of diamond and gold and other shiny things on her finger – a disturbing notion to say the least.

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