Babbel: Jose Mourinho has done nothing wrong at Manchester United, the board are to blame

by Harry Robinson

Former-Liverpool defender Markus Babbel has defender Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho in the face of significant recent criticism.

Babbel placed the blame for Man United’s misfortunes as of late on the board and owners at the club.

The UEFA Cup winner laughed at the fact that reports suggest United directors are disappointed with Mourinho’s defensive and pragmatic style of play. Babbel believes they should have known what they were getting themselves into with Mourinho and bought into his ideas once they appointed him.

Mourinho guided United to one of their worst ever starts to a Premier League season, losing three of their opening seven fixtures.

“It’s not Jose Mourinho’s fault. If you get him, you know what you get,” Babel said to Omnisport.

“Everyone is surprised they’re not playing attacking football. This is not Mourinho. Mourinho is defensive and to win trophies. To be fair, he did it up until now.

“For me, the problem is the directors in the office because they decided to take him. Now they’re not doing what he wants or trusting him,” Babbel, the current manager of Australian team Western Sydney Wanderers, explained.

“Even Manchester United don’t know what they want. It’s fully crazy, I can’t believe it.

“United were always offensive football. Great passing and great offensive players. It’s not Mourinho’s fault they appointed him. It’s the first mistake the club made.

“Now it’s a big surprise they’re not playing attacking football. I have a laugh. At this level, to make these mistakes is unbelievable.”

Mourinho has made some serious errors in his man management and words in the media. His tactics, too, have been questionable not just in terms of offensive or defensive, but also in terms of mistakes allowing United’s opponents to expose them.

However, Babbel is right to a large extent. United’s board knew how Mourinho set his side’s up at other club’s, knew how he treated the media and his players. They only have themselves to blame if they’re unhappy with the current situation.

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