Manchester United fans have been “unbelievable” during tough start to season, suggests Michael Carrick

by Harry Robinson

Michael Carrick has hailed the Manchester United fans for their role in the side’s recent comeback victory against Newcastle United.

After their worst ever start to a Premier League season, manager Jose Mourinho was under significant pressure going into last Saturday’s fixture with Newcastle.

When the Reds went two goals down in the opening 10 minutes, for the first time in Premier League season, things looked like they were coming to afore for Mourinho. At half-time, the Portuguese coach being sacked after the game looking possible if not probable.

Yet his side’s response in the second half was fantastic with Juan Mata, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez scoring to give United a 3-2 victory at Old Trafford. Carrick, former-captain at United and now a coach in Mourinho’s staff, hailed the impact of the fans in the result.

“They’ve been unbelievable,” Carrick said about the United fans while talking to BBC Radio.

“We’ve had some pretty tough times and it can go one of two ways. The support they showed helped us.”

United fans can be split on major issues and have shown themselves to be just as fickle as any other set of support on occasion. However, match-going fans of the Reds are generally very loyal to the manager. Many other clubs would have not shown the support that the United fans did towards Mourinho, a kind of defiant response to reports that he could be sacked.

Carrick also hailed the United players for showing a similar spirit to that of the fans in order to get the win.

“I was so proud of them, to pull that back,” Carrick said.

“There was a real spirit.”

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