Gabriele Gravina: We consider Beppe Marotta the perfect candidate

by Marwan Harraz

Italian FA presidential candidate Gabriele Gravina has potentially handed Manchester United some bad news in their hunt for their first ever director of football.

There have been plenty of reports stating the club are searching for candidates so vice-executive chairman Ed Woodward would no longer need to be involved with transfers.

Jose Mourinho is said to have butted heads with the United board over the lack of signings over the past summer.

Juventus’ Beppe Marotta was considered to be the first choice option for Woodward but Gravina has dealt a blow by revealing some new information.

It appears Mourinho will have to remain patient for the time being and the Red Devils may have to continue with their current structure.

According to Manchester Evening News, Gabriele said: “We are ready to re-launch Italian football and we want to do it the right way.

“To do so we will work with some of the best in the business. Beppe Marotta? Well, we talked to Beppe, yes, and he is open to the idea of joining us. So let’s see.

“Beppe Marotta will surely evaluate all of the offers he receives in the coming weeks but we consider him to be a perfect candidate for us.”

Marotta is the man credited with Juventus’ success over the past decade as they continue to dominate the Serie A with little competition.

Though he may not have any experience in the Premier League there’s no doubt he will bring the same type of quality to Manchester United.

Jose has successfully worked with a director of football in the past at Inter Milan and although he’d prefer being in charge of transfers himself, he would still be happy with someone like Beppe joining.

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