Glazer family to travel to Saudi Arabia this week amid takeover speculation – report

by Leo Nieboer

Avram Glazer, co-owner of Manchester United, has frequently visited Saudi Arabia in recent weeks and will travel to the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh amid rumours of a potential takeover, according to reports.

Reports surfaced over the weekend claiming that Mohammad bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia since June 2017, wants to make his mark on the football world and views Man United, a club going in circles, as the ideal opportunity.

The Glazer family, who became unpopular majority shareholders through a 2005 debt loading takeover, have never stated whether it intends to sell the club or not. Estimates claim the Saudis would have to spend over £3bn to buy the club.

And according to the Mail‘s Ben Nagle, Avram Glazer will once again be in the Middle East for a conference with bankers and investors from all over the world, prompting further speculation over a potential takeover.

Bin Salman, who has sought to modernise Saudi Arabia’s global image, wants to rival the Abu Dhabi based Al Nahyan family, headed by Sheikh Mansour, which owns Manchester City. They will no doubt look at what the blue side has done over a decade and believe something similar at United – a club with an enormous infrastructure – is certainly possible.

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