Saudi Arabia interest in buying Manchester United irrelevant with Glazers not selling club – report

by Harry Robinson

The Glazer family are not labelling Manchester United as ‘for sale’ in the face of interest in the club from Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Sky Sports reports that the club are not currently up for sale and the Glazers have no interest in letting what must be seen as a major ‘asset’ go.

However, there are lines of communication currently open between Saudi Arabia and Manchester United.

The Glazers would not even consider selling Manchester United for a bid less than £4bn from the Saudis.

The Saudi Royal family, though, are worth a massive £850bn.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the most powerful figures in the world. However, he is seeking to invest in one of Europe’s top football teams and sees United as the best possibility at the moment.

He’s also one of the richest men on the planet. Some of Saudi Arabia’s neighbours are already involved in football with the most notable example obviously being United’s local rivals Manchester City, owned by Abu Dhabi-based Sheikh Mansour.

Paris Saint-Germain, meanwhile, are owned by Qatar Sports Investments. Man United fans remain deeply opposed to the ownership of the Glazer family.

The American family have leeched off the club for years on end since buying the Reds in 2005. When purchasing the club, the Glazers put their own debts onto United and are still paying them off using United revenue, while also taking money out of the club.

While a Saudi bid for the club would mean huge investment in transfers and modernising the club, like at City, it brings other issues; mainly the fact of massively significant human rights concerns. Saudi Arabia have a terrible human rights record and United fans would be deeply concerned by that.

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