David Seaman slams Paul Scholes for constant criticism of Manchester United manager Mourinho

by Harry Robinson

David Seaman has slammed former-Manchester United man Paul Scholes for his constant criticism of the club.

Scholes has become renowned for his attacks on certain figures at Man United in the same way many of his former-teammates at the club have such as Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand.

However, Seaman believes Scholes’ criticism is far from constructive and can be hypocritical. Scholes recently labelled United manager Jose Mourinho as a moaner, particularly compared to the charismatic and funny man he was in press conferences in his first spell in England back in the mid-2000s with Chelsea.

“Paul Scholes telling Jose Mourinho he’s a moaner? Paul Scholes? Hello!” Seaman said, speaking on talkSPORT.

“You don’t mind if it’s constructive but it just seems to be wherever Paul goes he’s having a right go.

“It’s a little bit unjust, especially from Scholes who was so quiet as a player. He hardly did any press.”

Seaman and Scholes played together for England’s national team in the 1990s and 2000s and so know each other.

The fact that Scholes as quiet as a player doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to voice his opinion as a pundit.

While he could be viewed as grumpy by some, Scholes gives honest views on United. He represents many United fans at a difficult time for them when their manager has created a slightly toxic atmosphere and the players are not performing at their potential.

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