Hugo Lloris defends Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba against ‘unfair’ criticism

by Harry Robinson

Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has insisted that criticism of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is hugely exaggerated by the British media.

Pogba has often been seen as a scapegoat for Man United’s troubles because he has frequently underperformed given his £89 million price tag.

The French midfielder arrived back at Old Trafford in August 2016 from Juventus and while he has shown glimpses of utter brilliance, he has lacked consistency.

Lloris, a teammate of Pogba’s in the French national side who were crowned World Champions in July, believes the 25-year-old is unfairly judged in England.

“He [Pogba] has a status in the UK, maybe because of his huge transfer fee,” Lloris said, as per The Mirror.

“Sometimes people judge him not very fairly. Now he has more maturity, he knows what he needs to do. I think his performances at United are far from being as bad a people say.”

Pogba hasn’t been good enough and United fans are right to expect more. He also brings the spotlight onto himself with inflammatory comments. For example, he recently made thinly-veiled remarks about United’s playing style at home under manager Jose Mourinho.

He has made comments in the past about joining La Liga champions FC Barcelona. If he didn’t do this, criticism would be lesser.

However, even an under-performing Paul Pogba is better than United’s other midfielders and most central players in the Premier League.

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