Andreas Pereira explains the context behind Mourinho and Pogba’s training ground confrontation – report

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira has explained why manager Jose Mourinho and player Paul Pogba were seen in a confrontation at the club’s training ground a few weeks ago.

In a tumultuous couple of weeks during a woeful spell of form for Man United, Pogba became the centre of attention after thinly-veiled comments about the Reds’ playing style at Old Trafford under Mourinho.

He was soon stripped of the vice-captaincy and then he and Mourinho were seen angrily exchanging words in an open training session at United’s Carrington Training Complex. Pereira was involved, as he had been sitting next to Pogba in the stands for one of United’s home games when the Frenchman had posted a video laughing, despite United losing the match.

“Pogba posted the video before [the end of the game] and we were laughing,” Pereira explained to Brazilian outlet UOL.

“We were winning the game 1-0 at the time of the video.

“Then we lost the game & people said that Pogba posted later. But he posted before. The manager thought that Pogba had posted later.”

It’s thought that one of United’s media team had told Mourinho of Pogba’s video but not explained that it had been posted before the game had finished and so he wasn’t, in fact, laughing at his own team losing.

The uproar over the story was huge and, a couple of weeks on, it now seems a trivial issue. Perhaps a lesson should be learnt from the whole saga.

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