Jose Mourinho is doing as well as possible with this Manchester United side, claims Zlatan Ibrahimovic

by Harry Robinson

Former-Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has given his support to manager Jose Mourinho as the Portuguese coach comes under significant pressure at Old Trafford.

Ibrahimovic is currently playing in Major League Soccer with LA Galaxy but frequently comments on matters at Man United.

Many have suggested that the Reds miss a player with Ibrahimovic’s leadership skills and charisma.

The Swede has insisted that Mourinho is the same as him in the way he reacts to losing. The United boss has caused anger with his post-match comments and performances in press conferences.

“Everybody criticises him, but not for the results,” Ibrahimovic told Sky.

“It’s for his personality and his way of being: I feel in his same situation. When these things happen we have a similar way to react. We say things, but we do it our way.”

Ibrahimovic has claimed that the English media is critical of Mourinho through jealousy.

“The media criticise when things don’t go well, sometimes criticisms are too personal, some other times exaggerated or for jealousy,” the striker continued.

“It’s part of this world, Mourinho can’t work miracles, but if you need somebody to win the Premier League, he is the man.”

Interestingly, Ibrahimovic also said that Mourinho is doing as well as he can with the current United side. Very few people would agree that is the case, given this is the third-worst start to a Premier League season ever from United.

“Jose is doing a good job, you’re as good as your team,” Ibrahimovic insisted. “There is no coach in the world who can do miracles with a team.

“Of course, results speak for themselves. The results are not on top, it goes bad, sometimes goes better, it’s part of the season.

“But the Premier League is not easy and if someone knows how to win it, it’s him. So like he said himself, more Premier League than all the league’s coaches won together.”

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