Gary Neville: Everyone should be allowed to show non-violent raw emotion

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has refused to criticise either bench during the clash with Chelsea for the drama that enfolded on the touchline.

Jose Mourinho’s men had succumbed to Antonio Rudiger’s effort in the first half but responded superbly in the second with Anthony Martial grabbing a brace.

United believed they had secured an amazing comeback win but unfortunately Ross Barkley scored at the death to equalised.

Stamford Bridge erupted with glee and one Blues’ staff member appeared to target Mourinho with his celebrations who in turn reacted but Neville believes there was nothing wrong with what happened.

The matter was quickly resolved but it could’ve easily gotten ugly and the former Red Devil reiterated none-violent emotion should never be criticised.

According to Goal, Gary said to Sky Sports: “For me, over-enthusiastic celebrations are a part of the game, but I also think that if you’re on the end of it, you should be able to react.

“We can sit here and say it’s ridiculous that these managers react, but what you saw at the end was raw emotion.

“I could sit here with a halo above my head and say ‘it’s terrible for the people to see at home, it’s not what we want to see representing the game’ or I could actually say ‘I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I’ve been on the receiving end of it.’

“You cannot control your emotions and that’s why we love this game because we want to see moments like that.

“For me, Jose Mourinho’s reaction was something I would expect and also something I would expect from the Chelsea bench.

“It was a big moment for the Chelsea team, fans and staff so they’re entitled to over celebrate, you always do with a last minute goal.

“Jose Mourinho actually came onto the scene at Old Trafford sliding down the touchline. My view is I would like to see it more if it was my team celebrating, but I love to see that emotion in football where you see people just lose it – not in a violent way – but in an emotional way.”

Although it wasn’t necessarily pleasant seeing the chaos that unfolded on the touchline, Neville is definitely right that as long as it’s non-violent then showing ones emotions are fine.

Fans have constantly complained about managers like Jose or Louis van Gaal who often chose to keep themselves calm and collected as they wanted to see some more fire in their bellies.

The moment that has happened some of those same fans criticised the Portuguese boss for reacting to the Chelsea staff member enticing him.

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