Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince to offer £4bn for Manchester United to Glazer family imminently – report

by Harry Robinson

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is reportedly preparing an official £4billion bid to buy Manchester United.

The Glazer family are the current owners of the club and have been since their controversial takeover in 2005. The Americans are thought to have taken nearly £1billion out of the club over the last decade or so.

Man United fans despise their current owners, but there are deep concerns about the appropriateness of the Saudi Arabian royal family owning the club.

As a country, Saudi Arabia have a terrible human rights record, something only highlighted in recent weeks by the death and of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and subsequent coverage.

The country’s Crown Prince is eager to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy and reputation by investing in elite European football, as the countries’ neighbours Qatar and UAE ahve done. The Mirror report that Mohammad bin Salman, who is worth around £800bn, is preparing a £4bn bid to buy Manchester United outright.

He is hoping to be able to meet the Glazers, the current owners, in the Middle East at some point in the near future. That could happen within a matter of weeks.

However, the Glazers and directors are aware that they must be careful given the recent death of journalist Khashoggi. The Glazers are likely to want a solution to bin Salman’s personal issues before beginning a conversation about selling the club. This won’t put off Bin Salman, though.

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