Gary Pallister: Alexis Sanchez needs balance to perform for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United favourite Gary Pallister has revealed how to get the best out of Alexis Sanchez, suggesting it’s a ‘balance’ issue.

The Chilean has baffled fans and Jose Mourinho alike as he’s had a slow start to his career at Old Trafford.

Supporters were patient with the former Arsenal man after he arrived in January and couldn’t kick off right away.

Everyone understood he would need time to adjust but he’s now had plenty and still underperforms. Pallister believes it all comes down to balance.

However, some fans have recently offered a different solution which is to play him as a forward instead.

According to the Sport Review, Gary said to 888sport: “I was absolutely buzzing when United signed him because his performances at Arsenal showed he was a world class talent.

“But for whatever reason it has not been working out and I’m sure Alexis will be one of the first to say he has not been producing the form we expected of him.

“Maybe he doesn’t suit the manager’s style of play. Maybe he hasn’t been hitting it off with the forwards he’s playing alongside.

“But I think he will turn it around and he will score goals and excite the crowd. It’s about getting the balance right and then we’ll see the best of him.”

Romelu Lukaku has looked short of peak form for Manchester United of late and it could make sense to play Alexis in his stead.

The winger was actually in fine form all pre-season in the absence of the club’s World Cup stars but the moment competitive football began he fell back to his old performances.

During the summer he did lead the line for United and he did so quite well as he impressed onlooking fans.

A switch in position could see a change in form for Sanchez but it’s unfortunately not a long term solution as Lukaku is the club’s first choice striker.

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