Manchester United fans pleased with Victor Lindelof’s performance vs Juventus

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans were thoroughly encouraged by Victor Lindelof’s performance vs Juventus in the Champions League.

The Swede was one of the very few positives out of the 1-0 loss to the Serie A side and many will be hoping this is the turning point for his career at the club.

Lindelof has struggled to get going for United so far but he seemingly benefited from playing in back to back games.

Jose Mourinho would definitely have been encouraged to continue playing the former Benfica man and may even rethink his desire to sign a top centre-back.

Victor will have to consistently show this kind of form if he hopes to remain in the starting XI for the rest of the season.

Many supporters still reserve plenty of hope that Lindelof and Eric Bailly will go on to establish themselves as top, first choice centre-backs for Manchester United.

Many do so in a similar way as they did with Phil Jones and Chris Smalling who have effectively proven to be no more than decent back-up players who are injury prone.

Victor must be wary he doesn’t fall into the same category and continue to go from strength to strength instead.

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