Robert Pires believes Alexis Sanchez made a mistake joining Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires believes Alexis Sanchez made a mistake by joining Manchester United.

When Alexis moved to Old Trafford in exchange for the struggling Henrikh Mkhitaryan, it looked as if Man United had struck the better deal.

But the Chilean has notably struggled to display his attacking potential at Old Trafford, managing just four goals since arriving in January.

And Pires, speaking in an interview this week, opined that Sanchez moving to Man United was a career move which made little sense.

“Honestly, it surprised me,” he said. “For me, Sanchez had to stay at Arsenal, where he was one of our stars.”

“I don’t know if he could say no to United, but I think the style of play of the London club suits his performances better. But you have to respect his decision.”

There were many faults in that late Arsene Wenger team but they did, at the very least, play a system which gave Alexis the license to explore the pitch and get forward.

It was this style which allowed Alexis to adopt a talismanic attacking role whereby he would constantly feature in the final third. At United, however, he has been seriously reigned in, forced to do more defensive work and largely consigned to the wing, where he has been ineffective.

That does not mean his move to United was a mistake. Used correctly, he can be devastating. His failure is part of a wider attacking failure at this club for which Mourinho is largely to blame.

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