Harry Redknapp launches furious tirade at Gary Neville over Tottenham Hotspur criticism

by Leo Nieboer

Harry Redknapp has launched a scathing response to Gary Neville’s criticism of Tottenham Hotspur on Monday.

The former full-back noted following Spurs’ 0-1 defeat to Manchester City that the North London side had always been regarded as spineless from within the Manchester United dressing room.

“Tottenham for 30 years of our life were spineless and soft, flaky, rubbish,” he said.

“You could be 2-0 down against them and think you’d win 5-2, that’s just the way they were. You knew one little bump in the game and they’d just fall over it. They were pathetic.”

Speaking talkSPORT this morning, Redknapp took serious exception to Neville’s comments, insisting the words he used did not apply to the team he managed.

“Gary’s comments were an absolute disgrace,” he said. “I can only comment about the time I was there you’ve got players in that time that’s a disgrace to label players like Modric, Gareth Bale, Ledley King, Van der Vaart, it’s a disgrace to talk about them saying they’re spineless and gutless. I was so upset with his comments.”

“I think he needs to do his homework before he comes out with comments like that. He managed Valencia and when he managed them they were the worst team in their history.

“He was having a pop saying Spurs got rid of a couple of bad apples and he mentioned Michael Dawson, he’s one of the best pro’s I have worked with.

“He wants to do his homework before he talks about people in that tone, I thought his comments were an absolute disgrace. We had some great games at Arsenal and at Liverpool against Jamie Carragher I think we beat them every time we played them in that period. We had a great period about the time.

“To label that against top top players he opinion is wrong and totally out of order. I think it’s a disgrace to talk as he has without looking and seeing what they did at that time.

“I have the raving hump with him, I wouldn’t want to speak to him to be honest with you, I’ve got the raving needle.”

Redknapp was right insofar as that Spurs team, with Gareth Bale and Raphael van der Vaart and Aaron Lennon and Peter Crouch, was not like the ones which had come before.

That said, they were still, as they say, ‘Spursy’. United under Sir Alex Ferguson, apart from when Andre Villas Boas came to Old Trafford, continued to make light work of that Spurs team, which obviously never came close to winning anything, and hasn’t done since.

And that, more than anything, is what Neville is getting at. They are not a trophy club, but under Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs have at least made other teams take them seriously.

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