Video: Patrice Evra kissing and biting a raw chicken is the weirdest thing you’ll ever watch

by Sam Peoples

Patrice Evra has released some strange videos since he’s joined social media but his latest video with a raw chicken is by far the weirdest thing you are ever going to see.

Evra…a raw chicken…and kissing. Yes, kissing. Not much more to say other than to watch the video:

“Hi, is that salmonella? I’d love to meet you.”

I mean, is he really, but, what? Evra might love this game but I do not love this video. Somebody please help Patrice, seriously. I’m all for original content online but at some point you’ve got to draw the line, unless you’re Patrice of course.

Tune in next week when we’ll watch Patrice get himself into a wetsuit with rotten fish tied to the outside of it before he jumps in with some Great White Sharks as he attempts to clean their teeth with a toothbrush in his own mouth.

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