Stats don’t read well for Jose Mourinho in third season at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have been split over who’s to blame for their current demise whether it’s Jose Mourinho, the players or the board.

The draw against Southampton added to their woes as they sit in seventh place, already out of contention for the title.

In the Portuguese manager’s third season in charge many had hoped he would be able to lead them to their first Premier League trophy since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

Unfortunately it appears as though he will once again be left empty handed based on current form despite still contending for the Champions League and FA Cup.

Many blame Mourinho’s tactics, claiming he’s far too defensive and that the team lack a style of play which has left them without an identity.

Jose isn’t free of blame that’s for certain but it’s unlikely he’s asked his players to not make sprints or put in the effort on the pitch.

Tactically there’s nothing he can do and the aforementioned stat suggests he may have lost the players regardless of what they claim.

The lack of movement in United’s play this season is something supporters have noticed and complained about as they’ve been toothless multiple times.

It’s no surprise Romelu Lukaku hadn’t scored since September prior to the Southampton game for his club despite banging it in on a regular basis for his country. Simply put, the effort isn’t there.

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