Jose Mourinho: This Liverpool side have won nothing yet

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has seemingly given Jurgen Klopp his team-talk for him by claiming this Liverpool side haven’t won anything to be compared to previous great sides.

While factually correct, it’s also the perfect way to get the opposition fired up before an already fierce encounter.

Mourinho’s job is currently on the line and he could easily attempt to be playing mind games in order to get a leg up on his opponents.

Klopp’s players could become so fired up that their emotions will spill over causing them to lose control over themselves and the game.

Either way only time will tell what effect his words will have but United fans will be hoping it’s the latter.

According to Manchester Evening News, Jose said to Sky Sports: “I played against a Liverpool side who was a European champion.

“And I don’t know if this one is better or not I know the another one was European champion and this one won nothing. So I think I have to respect the ones that did it. I have to respect the ambition of the ones that didn’t.

“In the end it’s about respect. But I would expect Rafa, Carragher, Steven Gerrard I would expect these guys to be not happy with me if I say these guys are better than that team. That team was European champion.”

Jurgen has seemed keen on playing down his side’s chances of silverware this season and appeared to be confused by the pressure from fans to deliver.

Given the money and time spent at Liverpool along with the players available to him, the German manager really shouldn’t be surprised with the expectations on him.

After all, only trophies will matter when his time comes to an end and that goes for all managers in the game as well.

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