Peter Schmeichel: I’m thinking of becoming Manchester United’s director of football

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United great Peter Schmeichel has admitted he’s considering becoming the club’s director of football.

Ed Woodward’s search has been widely reported with some sections of the media even claiming Jose Mourinho refused to work with one.

Now that the Portuguese boss has been sacked and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been brought in, United are looking to modernise their structure.

Schmeichel has been outspoken on the club’s ongoings in the past and given how they’re clearly open to hiring former players, what better time to throw your hat in the ring?

Woodward has time to restructure the club but the sooner the better so the future of the Red Devils can be more secure.

According to the BBC, Peter said: “I’m actually thinking about putting my name in there. It’s a tough thing to find out about yourself.

“Everyone looks at you, the scrutiny, and I’m not afraid of that. It’s also a really big change in what I’ve done.

“I really want to get involved in football again at some point. I know I’m getting older, but my life has just turned out a different way after I retired from football.

“I think it is a good idea. What’s really important is to get the Manchester United culture back and the identity back.

“I would like to see someone who has played there and can bring some of that Sir Alex mentality back to the whole of the football club.

“I’m considering: ‘Do I have the qualities?’ And if I come up with an answer to that question, then I will put my name in the hat.

“I’ll have a good think about this over Christmas and New Year and make a decision.”

If Manchester United are looking to hire former players potentially as their director of football then perhaps they should look elsewhere.

Edwin van der Sar is the only one who truly has any experience in the role and even then he’s still fairly new at it.

The Dutchman is currently with Ajax and is most likely the person who sanctioned the deal to bring back Daley Blind.

If reports are to be believed however, United are looking at more experienced candidates with Paul Mitchell considered the favourite, especially since he’s worked with Mauricio Pochettino before.

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