Jamie Carragher: Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez similar to Chelsea’s Fernando Torres

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Jamie Carragher has blasted Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez, comparing him to how Fernando Torres was during his torrid spell at Chelsea.

The Chilean has struggled to find his best form consistently since leaving Arsenal in a manner similar to the once prolific Spaniard.

Sanchez has shown moments of brilliance but not enough to convince fans he’s deserving of being the club’s highest paid player.

Many of United’s stars have enjoyed resurgences under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but the former Barcelona man still hasn’t shaken off whatever’s stopping him from being his best.

Carragher believes Alexis’ situation could be similar to Torres who endured the same problem switching from Liverpool to Chelsea.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Jamie said: “Looking at him (Sánchez) in a #mufc shirt, I felt like I was looking at Fernando Torres in a Chelsea shirt.”

The Red Devils’ supporters will be worried there’s some truth to that but hopefully with time Sanchez can benefit from Solskjaer the same way his teammates have.

Romelu Lukaku is another who hasn’t hit top form yet as well but his performances have at least slightly improved.

Alexis appears to be on a different page to his colleagues at the moment but he will benefit from more minutes on the pitch once he proves he deserves them.

If the talented winger isn’t able to get back to his peak then Manchester United may feel they’re better off offloading him for someone else in the summer.

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