Gary Neville: Old Trafford atmosphere vs Liverpool the best I’ve heard in years

by Leo Nieboer

Gary Neville believes the Old Trafford atmosphere for Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool was the best he’d witnessed in years.

Both sets of supporters, basking in the Manchester sun and the acute sense of anticipation for a big occasion, were in full voice a good 15 minutes prior to kick-off.

And despite what was a largely low-quality game, devoid of clear chances, the home support was raucous throughout, with ‘Ole’s at the wheel’ refracting around the ground to create a truly spectacular noise.

Speaking after the game, Neville felt compelled to make note of how the fans performed throughout the game.

Old Trafford bubbled with fervour as the game begun, a mass of pure excitement which slowly subsided as Man United players dropped like flies with injuries during the first half.

But then something magical happened: when the second half started, the game seemingly there for Liverpool’s taking, Old Trafford just got louder and louder. It was non stop-singing. It was wonderful to be a part of.

At a time when Liverpool could have been dangerous, United were indomitable: on and off the pitch.

It was a clear sign to the club’s brass that Solskjaer, if nothing else, has made supporters fall in love with their team once again. That in itself is massive.

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