Manchester United turned down chance to sign Matthijas de Ligt: report

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United reportedly turned down an opportunity to sign highly sought after Ajax star Matthijas de Ligt for what can only be perceived as a bizarre reason.

The youngster is being chased by pretty much every club in Europe that can afford him and for good reason.

The centre-back has proven himself not only as a solid defender but as a top leader as well.

De Ligt had reportedly turned down a bid from United last week but matters could’ve been quite different if the ensuing report is true.

The Dutchman could’ve solved United’s defensive crisis quite easily and would’ve been the perfect investment.

According to the Mirror, the Red Devils opted against signing Matthijas due to fears he would gain weight easily like his father and therefore lose his pace and power as he got older.

If true then whoever is in charge of the footballing decisions at Old Trafford should be fired for poor judgement.

The same report claims Manchester United scout Marcel Bout had recommended the signing of De Ligt multiple times in the past.

It seems a little strange to turn down a potentially world-class talent for the simple reason that his father is a little heavy.

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