Mason Greenwood the only positive for Manchester United during miserable Cardiff City defeat

by Leo Nieboer

Mason Greenwood was the only positive on yet another miserable day for Manchester United at Old Trafford as they lost 2-0 to relegated Cardiff City.

The 17-year-old, who received the Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year award earlier this week, received his first Premier League start for Man United against Neil Warnock’s side.

He began the game energetically, tearing into spaces on the right flank and carving out some good positions inside the box. The youngster will be disappointed to miss excellent opportunities in the first 15 minutes. #

Greenwood’s numbers from the game nonetheless demonstrate that he did not look out of place at this level.

On one side, you had the usual sight: red shirts ambling around, not in any particular direction, listlessly moving the ball to one side without purpose nor conviction, just kind of floating towards the conclusion of this season. This is what we have come to expect from this team.

In Greenwood, though, you saw the other side: a player always looking for gaps, demanding the ball, jinking into the box whenever he could, firing off shots, not being afraid, not descending into fatique and doubt. This is, really, what we should expect from any United team.

As it was, the only player offering the right kind of attitude was a 17-year-old making his first ever start in a senior team. That is where United are at this moment in time.

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